Flowering Our Beautiful Soil of Nationalism Through Modest Fashion

By reciting the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, I wish my writing could bring all of us knowledge towards our more broad-minded selves. Even though I may lack in many ways, given this interesting topic by ETU and Wardah, I challenge my self to open my mind wider and critically understand the clues given in order to write a non boring short blog deeply from both my heart and my mind.


definition source: oxforddictionaries.com


For decades even centuries, as muslims who must cover some parts of our body, our attires had always been considered as our limitation to show the world our true selves. Nonetheless, creativities cannot hold us any longer. Thanks to muslim designers who put their souls into their works to empower their muslim sisters, muslim fashion finally flourishes and provides muslim women choices to express themselves.


As time passed by, the thought that hijab limits us in any way is so yesteryear.


I, myself, then realize that Hijab does not make me any less.

It even inspires me and the other sisters in the world to shine our own color modestly. It even teaches us to be more graceful for everything God has given to us, including His directions and prohibitions that protect us from any danger.


The untapped market has finally found its way to rise. Creativities and knowledges finally prove that in fact every issue in Islam compatible with every age and every time.


لأن كل شيء في الإسلام يصلح في كل زمان وكل مكان فهو منـزل من الله رب العالمين  


“ … that in fact every issue (contained) in Islam was compatible with every age and every time, because the (teaching) is derived from the God of nature


(fatwa issued by the Fatwa Center under the leadership of Dr. Abdullah al-Faqih)



The certain directions and prohibitions by God lead muslims to a certain kind of lifestyle, it is modesty. As one of the most influencing religion in the world, islam cannot be separated with the word global. With such enormous number of muslims all around the world, imagine how big its influence when all muslims obey their religion statements.

Well, you can stop imagining it though. As you may see the reality, we are leading to that point by now.

People who used to feel awkward with your hijab now may work as your colleague, the emergency exit corner where you used to use for shalat in the foreign country now has been replaced to a proper prayer room, even the ramen that you used to crave for now has halal label on its wall. The world has changed because we have the power to change it.

Every year the business world is shaken by the power of Ramadhan. The holy month shows the world that muslim or modest retails are influential for their sustainable growth. As the most muslim populated country in the world, no surprise Indonesia has been the pioneer of the modesty movement. When the world with its premium brands such as uniqlo and zara, begins to walk in the modest market, Indonesian designers have run far far away beyond them by being the biggest consumers and producers of muslim wear. But has it been enough? Are you sure that we would still lead the way in the future when they really tape the market? What do we offer and what exactly distinguish ours from theirs? What is actually our strength to confront both the future and the world? Has that made us the top muslim retail in the world? Or at least, will it?


As we can see, the competitiveness of the global market is getting more and more tougher throughout the years. Being prominent globally, having a strong supply chain and also having a good competitive advantage product are the keys to lead the global market. In this blog writing, I would like to introduce you to one of our national pride that brings us those keys to successfully enter the global market as their contribution for our motherland.


Owned by Restu Anggraini, ETU as a premium modest executive wear brand was established on 2014 to cater both domestic and international market. The modest fashion line then proves its existence as it has participated Jakarta Fashion Week in 2014, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo 2015 and also the prestigious Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival 2016. By seeking the newest technology to provide the best fabric innovation, ETU believes sustainable future can be achieved. The use of ultrasuede and Cupro, the regenerated cellulose fiber derived from cotton, shows us how ETU tries really hard to produce attire that is 100% biodegradable. ETU’S commitment to make sustainable future through responsible clothing and never-ending innovation draw the world’s attention. Not only providing the best fabrics for ETU, the collaborations with BembergTM by Asahi Kasei & Toray Industries also strengthen ETU’s supply chain.


ETU offers simple yet chic modest wear designs that captivate every woman’s hearts. The elegant cut shows professionalism and the colors chosen balance it to create the beautiful everyday wear that career women love. ETU with its simplicity then brings modesty to another level, from fashion trends to the long last basics that everyone wears. Seeing their designs, I soon realize that modesty can also be beautiful, fun, and even elegant at the same time. Other than that, ETU offers a return to comfort, coziness and coverage that protect us from danger. The masculine cuts loose our body lines that may attract indecency towards us. The Cupro material use also provides a cleaner attire that allow us pray shalat comfortably.


Come to the world with its universal style does not mean ETU forgets where it is come from. Some of their magnificent designs are inspired by handmade woven that we usually find in our motherland culture. In the other words, even though ETU does not draw a red line of Indonesian ethnic on its designs, ETU smartly slips Indonesian identity on their attires, making people around the world able to wear the special piece comfortably wherever they are. As stated on its press release, ETU collection enables modesty and luxury to interlace personifying elegance and confidence in its finest form.


Collaborating with Wardah Cosmetics which has the same intention with them, ETU aims the global market by stepping their fashion in VAMFF 2016. Visited by hundreds thousands audiences including influential media, VAMFF 2016 gives ETU and Wardah chances such as trunkshow, fashion workshop, make up tutorial and popup store to promote their brand activation throughout the world. As the MEA market opportunity opens its gate wider and wider, ETU joining VAMFF 2016 is a big declaration to other countries that Indonesian designers can be counted as a tough rival for them. As an Indonesian brand which designs responsibly, ETU features the unique yet affordable textiles that no other country could compare. This power could open its way to collaborate and create design that suits Australian and wider western preferences. This occasion then will strengthen Indonesian local brand market access and help Indonesian sustainable growth, which also stated as ETU’s mission.

Walking through one of the main gate to the global market, ETU leaves its best impression and gain merits from the program such as

  • To promote Indonesian creative industry
  • To promote Indonesian modest wear potential and export opportunity
  • as a platform where Indonesia could stand out in the industry
  • to increase trade volume and investment opportunity to the industry that will lead to higher employment rate

As we can see from the merits of the program, fashion is a very potential sector that influences not only in the fashion business itself but also affects the employment rate, textile export opportunity, shipping business, and even tourism sector of the nation.

As stepping through the highlight, ETU and Wardah do not leave people behind them. With their motto ‘ succeeding together’, ETU and Wardah engage their motherland sisters and brothers to learn, grow and develop together. Standing right under the spot light, ETU shares the light to other Indonesian local brands next to her. With the support of Wardah and also Indonesian government, with such great skills that ETU has demonstarted and also with the fact that the main gate is wide opened, this very moment is the right time for Indonesian local designers to stand up and not to think twice to step even further. I personally agree with an utterance Dian Pelangi had ever stated once to the media, “Korea is famous with its K-pop culture & Indonesia is famous with its muslim wear. So why don’t we focus on that?”

“Internationalism cannot flourish if it is not rooted in the soil of nationalism. Nationalism cannot flourish if it does not grow in the flower garden of internationalism.”

-President Soekarno

Given the second line of the statement as a trigger, I would like to discuss the statement as a whole. From his speech, it is clearly understood that it is impossible to separate Nationalism and Internationalism. Both of the notion relate deeply one to another. Internationalism would never exist if there is no nationalism to begin with. In the other hand, nationalism needs internationalism as the arena to exist.

By understanding Soekarno’s speech and analyzing the competitive market among the global, we could finally understand how ETU x Wardah Campaign on VAMFF 2016 contribute to Indonesian local brand competitiveness in the global market. There are Two main points that reflect ETU x Wardah Campaign on VAMFF 2016 inward the nation and also outward to the global.

The first point is this campaign sparks Indonesian local brand’s spirit of competitiveness. This campaign opens a new mindset towards other Indonesian local brands that they actually can do it just like the way ETU did or even hopefully better. Since we have to compete in the garden of internationalism, this first point shows our own selves that our soil of nationalism is so beautiful and potential that we should not be inferior and underestimate ourselves. That way, we would be able to show our best selves in the arena of internationalism.

The second point is to show the world that Indonesian local brands have the power that they cannot deny. We can rise and shine the world with our great skills and abilities until they realize that Indonesia is not any less than any countries the world has ever known. This second point means that we have to know and be proud that even the beautiful flower garden of internationalism would never exist without us.


To sum up briefly, ETU x Wardah Campaign on VAMFF 2016 contribute to Indonesian local brand competitiveness in the global market by flowering our beautiful soil of nationalism in the flower garden of internationalism ❀♥✿