The Not-So Ending of My Personal Project

Well, guess what? It is 30th June of 2017 so it has been a year already since I uploaded my project video to youtube and wrote a post about my last of uni project!!!

(If you by any chance bump into this post and do not really get what I am saying, you might want to check my post about my project last year.)

Well as you may have guessed, i failed to settle all the things that I have got in my uni bucketlists. I have done my thesis and am waiting for my graduation yet I haven’t fulfilled all the checklists that I really wanted to do before I graduate.

Things were wayyy heavierrr than i thought.

I thought that my final year would be filled with free times to write some blogs, edit videos and even hang out in cafes all day long. Well I did go to cafes all day long several times a week, but I only went there for thessis thingy. My 7th term in uni was packed of tasks, surveys and group works while my 8th term in uni was filled by being basic design course assistant and also, of course, my thessis.

In this closing of the project post, I would like to mention several things that I have done, things that I learn from making this personal project and also my plan ahead for this not-so ending project.

In the last post, I said that I really wanted to do these things

fix all my daily basics and try things that I would like to try, including do my design work well, join a competition, write more blogposts, learn photography and videography, get a toefl test, travel to somewhere new, write a song lyric, make a choreograph and even learn martial arts LOLL

  1. DAILY BASIC Well I am so glad that I really began to care my daily basics better, I did start to workout in my room before I took a bath and even did a run if I had the chance. I started to reduce carbo by cutting my rice meals and replace them with anything else healthier (i guess haha). And guess what, me dealing with my basic starts to spread my family as well and I am so happy for that. My mom usually eats a huge amount of rice and oily things *padangnese food evrrrday* yet as soon as I leave my dorm and get back home, she tries to make healthier food and reduces the rice that she cooks and eats at home. She even accompanied me when I went for a run. I really wish I could maintain my daily basic so she would be eager to have a healthier and even more healthier lifestyle too!
  2. CAMERA THINGS Overall, I had made 4 videos after my project video, 2 about some moments that I would like to treasure, 1 for a competition that I ended up not winning, and 1 for joining an earth camp in Lombok last March. I did learn some basic of photography and videography from my brother and some friends, but maybe they are not really my thing HAHA I mean, I really love doing it but my progress is sooo sloww. I barely understand how to balance the ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and also the focusing and bokeh technique! They are really confusing hmpf However, despite the fact that I still have no clue about those thingy, I was and am still doing some picture and video hunt though because I really love doing it haha
  3. TOEFL TEST I DID A TOEFL TEST and that was super impromptu and crayy hahaha I had always wanted to try applying for a program by the international office but I didnt really have the chance to do so. So that time, around April, because I thought that I got nothing to lose, I decided to go there eventhough this is my last term in uni. It turned out that there was still a chance for me to join an exchange or summer program “if only” I have a toefl result. So I decided to took the test right away without any proper preparation. and thanks God I passed the required score (I was and still am surprised though haha never got such score before. I am thankful that the thesis literature(sss) that I read like crazy did  really improve my reading skill a lot hahaha!). legit.
  4. TRAVEL I finally travelled somewhere new with my uni mates. Well, we had saved money and managed this trip to Japan for about a year. And I am really really grateful that we made it. The trip was unbelievable. Never in my life I travel for a vacation with such big group and I thought it would be boring and challenging……but it turned out that it was magical. hahaa You may think that I am too overwhelmed but let me tell you something, it really was. At least for me, perhaps.  The trip itself was not smooth actually. It rained when we went to Disney, I snowed hard when we were in the middle of nowhere, even we lost all of our suitcases before the flight, etc etc etc. But surprisingly, all of my peers and I still had a very good time. We managed to solve every problems with joy and patience. I am really thankful to have them throughout the trip and I will long for the warm night we had in the traditional house for my entire life ❀
  5. COMPETITIONS AND OTHER STUFFS I really wanted to do a camp by the beach. I also wanted to do some kind of youthful leadership training. And I am glad that I got to experience both by joining the GFE camp (the reason that I made the video that I mentioned). Beside that, I really wanted to give it a try to join United National global competition, and I really did make the video even though I didn’t win. Trying has been a step forward and I did not regret any effort that I did. Last but not least, I finally made it to join a program from the international office. Well. here I am, typing from my dorm room in Seoul Korea as I am having the Yonsei International Summer School.

Throughout the time that I try to do anything harder, I began to learn new things everyday. I start to talk less and would prefer to think first before I speak up. I appreciate people’s work more and am really up to some healthy discussion with my mom, my brother and also my friends. I tried to open up to people more and hear more from them as well. To sum up, here are 3 things that I think should be noted from all the process that I have been through this year

#newperspectives I come to believe that everything comes with a reason. And to find that justified reason, I gotta see things from any possible perspectives.

#knowingthatIdontknow Being satisfied with things will get me nowhere and saying that “I know” will get me nothing. I have to be craving for everything and open my eyes that I know nothing. That way, I would be eager to keep doing anything that I want and need to do.

#somethingdeeper Everything has a deeper side of it. Even if I know that the ocean is deep, I can’t be tricked that there is  actually something deeper underneath. And eventhough I know there isnt anything beneath it, I gotta swim to check it out.

I am sorry that I make you confused with my writing since these all are too personal. However, let me give an example that I got from my mom about this 3 principles.

I asked her what if  a daughter steal her parent’s money for travelling with her friends, what should the parent do? I thought that she would answer that she should yell at her. However, she said that the parent should be sorry for her and hug her tight. I was confused and here is her explanation

“Her mother must have done all her saving for her daughter, and also she must have known that her daughter really love to go traveling. In fact, if she dare to steal her parent’s money, it means that she really wants to go, and if she is a teenager, wanting to travel is normal. The fault is in her parent, eventhough she still have some points too. How on earth that her mother doesn’t realize that her daughter need to travel with her friends. If only the parent knew, she can just give the money and her daughter doesn’t need to steal”

It was simple yet I myself was shocked by the way my mother answered my question. She directly tried to see the problem not only from the parent perspective, but also the daughter’s. She admits that it is a mistake of a mother for not knowing that she doesn’t know much about her daughter. And she also didn’t stop to see the problem in the surface and tried to dig it even deeper.

These principles are  applicable for all things in life, from the simplest to the most complicated ones. And I am grateful that I learn these before I graduate. I feel like I am getting wiser and maturer, yet in the other hand I realize that I am still far from wise and mature at the same time. I still lack in most of my ways and reckless in every act that i do. I still procrastinate eventhough not as bad as I did. I have only realized this little dot in a paper and still have this big world to see and learn.

In the time ahead, I still have probably 2 months before I graduate. I would like to spend the rest of this time enjoying the last days of my bachelor degree in a fun yet ambitious way #still HAHA As you may see, in the lists I said that I would like to learn martial art, write a song lyric and make a dance choreo. I think I still cannot give them up. I want to at least try to check them up on my list before my graduation day. In the summer program that I am joining here, I will be starting to learn taekwondo. And for the dance choreo and song lyric……..  I really want to give it a try because I like anything related to managing words and movements. Well, we’ll see! See you the day before I graduate, I’ll tell you right there!